Savannah, USA

The 25 Spookiest Places Around the World

Savannah, USA

Your childhood ideal of Halloween may have been more about dressing up like cartoon characters and wandering around the neighborhood asking for candy, but sometimes we want more from Halloween once we grow up. Many cities around the world make for fantastic places to spend Halloween -- sometimes simply because they're notorious for having great parties, but also if you prefer to focus on the more scary aspects of the holiday. If you fall into the latter category, this list of haunted places around the world is for you.

There are 25 haunted spots featured below, and plenty more around the world besides what is listed. How do you pick just one each year in which to celebrate your Halloween? Well, the good news is that these destinations retain their spooky reputation all year-round, so even if only one of them makes the cut for October 31st this year, you can still turn the rest into a frightening world tour if you want. It may not be a relaxing trip, but at least you'll keep your adrenaline going at full speed.

Here are the 25 spookiest places around the world to spend Halloween.

1. New Orleans, USA
2. Venice, Italy
3. Singapore
4. Chicago, USA
5. Salem, USA
6. London, England
7. Mexico
8. Orlando, USA
9. Paris, France
10. Las Vegas, USA
11. Tokyo, Japan
12. Edinburgh, Scotland
13. Buenos Aires, Argentina
14. New York City, USA
15. Australia
16. Rome, Italy
17. Cartago, Costa Rica
18. Savannah, USA
19. Barbados
20. San Francisco, USA
21. Rajasthan, India
22. Dublin, Ireland
23. South Africa
24. Prague, Czech Republic
25. Sao Paulo, Brazil