Lisbon - Portugal ( © tpsdave ) 'The Guardian' revealed 40 places where to go on holiday in 2017, check out below 10 of ...

Where to go on holiday in 2017 by 'The Guardian'

Lisbon - Portugal (© tpsdave)

'The Guardian' revealed 40 places where to go on holiday in 2017, check out below 10 of the 40 recommended places:

- Hadrian’s Wall - United Kingdom
It’s not just the rocks that are the stars; the history of Hadrian’s Wall also involves the Roman cavalry who guarded it. Their stories will be told in a new six-month exhibition, Hadrian’s Cavalry, running from 8 April to 10 September. 

- Hull - United Kingdom
“Time to get completely cultured,” say the people launching Hull’s programme for its year as UK City of Culture. But despite its workaday image, Hull has always been a cultured place, and this year it plans to show it all off to the world. 

- Brecon Beacons - United Kingdom
There will be celebrations throughout the year to mark the Brecon Beacons national park’s 60th anniversary, including special group walks and tea party get-togethers, along with regular events such as arts and crafts weekends, the popular jazz and food festivals, and a diverse array of permanent attractions. 

- Teignmouth - United Kingdom
This picturesque town has been a holiday favourite since Georgian times. Its appeal today still lies in traditional seaside fun – paddling on the town’s beach, playing the arcades on the Grand Pier and taking England’s oldest passenger ferry across the estuary to neighbouring Shaldon. 

- Hampshire - United Kingdom
Radical, revolutionary, feminsist. Jane Austen may have set her stories in polite society but beneath the frivolous subject matter her message was deeply political – and dangerous for the time. And while the context may have changed, many of her comments on human nature and society are as relevant today as they were in the early 1800s. 

- Edinburgh - United Kingdom
The Edinburgh International festival was founded in 1947 to foster a “flowering of the human spirit” after the trauma of the second world war. As it celebrates its 70th birthday in 2017, even its creators would admit to being surprised at just how successful and enduring it has been.

- St Ives - United Kingdom
Great art takes time. That should be a mantra for Tate St Ives, which reopens on 31 March after a mammoth (and delayed) extension and refurbishment project. The unveiling will be marked by a new exhibition (running until 3 September 2017), The Studio and the Sea, which celebrates the surrounding sea and landscape that have inspired artists since the 19th century. 

- Matera - Italy
The Sassi di Matera – a series of 9,000-year-old cave dwellings carved from limestone on the edge of a ravine in this city in the east of Basilicata (the instep of Italy’s “boot”) – stand in for the island of Themyscira, home of Wonder Woman and her sister Amazons, in the new Wonder Woman film, to be released in June 2017. 

- Aarhus - Denmark 
Denmark’s second-largest city has been on the rise for a couple of years, thanks to its support for the arts and a Michelin-star food scene led by restaurants such as Frederikshøj, Substans, Gastromé and Domestic. But 2017 is set to be a big year: Aarhus will be European Capital of Culture (a title it will share with Paphos, Cyprus) and has so many events (free and ticketed) on the horizon that its programme guide runs to 500 pages.

- Lisbon - Portugal
The Portuguese capital is an easy sell; its hilly streets and faded but stunning architecture form the backdrop to a city where you can wander the streets all day fuelled by coffee and custard tarts, then stay up all night drinking Sagres beer outside its many bars.