alone at night... ( © RafaelTalkar ) 1. Keep the address to your accommodation. 

21 Tips to Staying Safe Abroad

alone at night... (© RafaelTalkar)

1. Keep the address to your accommodation. 

2. Get travel insurance and register with S.T.E.P. 

3. If you're walking alone at night.

4. Avoid dark or non-tourist areas at night. 

5. If you do think you are being followed.

6. Keep money in more than one location. 

7. Get a sturdy bag. Wear your backpack facing front. 

8. Don't bring attention to yourself as being a tourist 

9. If you're taking public transport to a night club or to meet up with friends for social outing. 

10. Just don't get too drunk. 

11. Lock Up!

12. Ask questions regarding public transport.

13. If you anticipate feeling really unsafe, pay the $20 - $40 to get an international sim card. 

14. Don't wear jewelry. 

15. Don't take cabs that aren't registered with the city.

16. If you're traveling alone or in a small group, try to meet people during the day to hang out with at night. 

17. Book up on boozin'. 

18. Don't leave your drink unattended. 

19. Keep your friends and family posted on where you are. 

20. You can join a tour group or meet up with friends of friends. 

21. Trust your gut.