Algarve - Portugal (Europe) 1. Hallerbos, Belgium Catch them if you can: bluebells in the Hallerbos - a forest in Flemish Braban...

10 places to see spring at its best

Algarve - Portugal (Europe)

1. Hallerbos, Belgium
Catch them if you can: bluebells in the Hallerbos - a forest in Flemish Brabant, Belgium - which attract many admirers during their short stay each spring..

2. Caceres, Spain
Described as the 'most unspoilt medieval town' in Europe, Cáceres is bestowed with World Heritage status, and deservedly so. The countryside round about - the rolling plains of Extremadura - isn't bad either.

3. Florence, Italy
Spring, before the arrival of the heat and tourist hoardes, is perhaps the optimum time to visit the much-eulogised city of Florence, for a double dose of culture and cucina.

4. Mount Fuji, Japan
Despite looking like it has been put together on Photoshop, this image is definitely real. Japan's famous cherry blossom is out in force at the Chureito Pagoda, with iconic Mt. Fuji in the background.

5. Sognefjorden, Norway
Stretching for a mighty 205 kilometres, Sognefjorden is the largest fjord in Norway, and the third longest in the world. As the snow melts, the new season's wondrous wild flowers are revealed.

6. Patagonia, Argentina
It could almost be the Lake District, couldn't it? The mountains are a little higher, and the snow stays forever as spring bursts forth in the southern Andes.

7. Northumberland, England
England's green and pleasant land, with a dash of red - poppies bring bright colour to the rolling hills of Northumberland. This is what it should look like in a month or two's time. Fingers crossed.

8. New York, USA
If you get up early enough for a spring jog around Central Park in New York City, you'll be treated to scenes like this, at the Gapstow bridge, and have them all yourself.

9. Hortobágy, Hungary
Welcome to big sky country. The vast Hungarian plains stretch across much of central-eastern Europe. The wetlands and grasslands of Hortobágy are a draw for migrating and breeding birds such as the spectacular great bustard.

10. The Algarve, Portugal
While to most Brits, the Algarve is mostly thought of as a summer family holiday destination, or as a golfer's paradise, its beaches are a quiet delight out of season, like this one - Praiha da Rocha.